A little about Lesley Woolfe and Reflexology

I was first introduced to reflexology by my husband in 1994 who studied it when I was pregnant with our second son.  I was therefore lucky enough to have treatments throughout my pregnancy which I found incredibly therapeutic and relaxing and this inspired me to study it in 1995.

I initially worked at the Active Birth Centre in Archway specialising in the treatment of women during pregnancy and beyond, often treating the whole and extended family.

For the past 12 years I have treated couples finding it difficult to conceive.  This can often be a harrowing and emotional time and reflexology can help to balance and support them during this challenging but rewarding journey. Recent article in the Daily Mail.

Although I specialise in the treatment of women pre and postnatally and their families, I am also interested in the positive effect reflexology can have on women as their hormones change and they head towards the menopause.

I believe in the holistic approach to health and that by balancing not only the person physically, but emotionally and spiritually, this will truly bring about a long-term feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, the UK’s professional body for reflexology: www.aor.org.uk

A little about Lesley Woolfe and being a Birth and Post Natal Doula

I have always been interested in becoming a Doula and it seemed a natural fit alongside Reflexology.  I therefore studied a course at the Birth Bliss Academy in June 2018 which I found extremely informative, inspiring and exciting.  I had two fairly uncomplicated and positive births but struggled in the early weeks with a newborn as I had no extended family close by and felt extremely vulnerable and unsupported.   A Post Natal Doula would have been the support that I feel would have benefited me enormously.

Studio for reflexology finchley

My Studio
I have a lovely secluded studio at the back of my garden.  It is quiet and calm and conducive to therapeutic treatments.